SEMENte parTEcipata


The considered actions of the project are:

  • Identification of a germplasm collection (core collection) constituted by species and sub-species belong to a primary pool gene (Triticum Turgidum L spp durum, turanicum, polonicum),to utilize produce a complex segregant population;
  • Germplasm management to dynamic conservation eader in situ (within the original Region) or ex situ in the other Regions considered in the project;
  • This action will guarantee the material production and the evolution of genetic material;
  • Parental identification by agronomic evaluation, quantitative evaluation (technology nutritional, and gluten sensitivity), to introduce in the diallelic cross scheme;
  • Constitution of two segregant population by F1 generation came from the parental diallelic cross combination with F1 generation derived by parental with similar maturity time, this can produce different recombinant gene pool with different flowering time;
  • Statistical elaboration of data to identify the appropriate crop rotation to permit the coevolution of the genetic pool also in function agronomic interventions characteristic of the considered Regions;
  • Creation of a net to maintain the identify germplasm with the possibility of a future implementation, will guarantee the source of fundamental genetic variability to overcome the present and future difficulties implicated in the durum wheat cultivation;
  • Set up a new breeding model to extend to other crop cultivation to improve the conservation of their germplasm useful to prevent the cultivation environment;
  • Improve the agriculture skill to maintain the germplasm, to develop genetic breeding programs and to produce seeds;
  • Improve the availability of the cereal product with nutraceutical quality and reduced prolamin protein toxicity;
  • CO2 quantification produced by the adopted agronomy system to produce the crop environmental adapted population;
  • Improve the farmer earn decreasing the cost production and improving the value of product obtained by a short integrated short agro-food production.



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LIFE Programme

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SEMENte parTEcipata

Project LIFE13 ENV/IT/001258

Models of plant breeding and agronomic techniques adapted to local climatic conditions.

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