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Terre Toscane

The Regional Entity Terre Toscane is established by the Region of Tuscany with its Law of 27 December 2012, n. 80, "Transformation of the regional farm Alberese in Terre Toscane". In particular, the L.R. 80/2012 states that Terre Toscane has legal personality, administrative autonomy as assets. The headquartered is in Florence, and operational headquarters in farms of Alberese and Cesa where are carried out research, testing and transfer of innovation.
Terre Toscane manage the "land bank" that has the aims to develop the land owned by the Region of Tuscany and the access of young farmers to land.
Terre Toscane manages farms and other agricultural areas of forest owned, in which undertake applied research, testing and demonstration in agriculture and forestry, protection activities and enhancement of agricultural production and forestry and genetic resources native Tuscany.
The legal representative of Terre Toscane is the Regional Director General who assumes most of the powers of management and representation.
The Region of Tuscany under the law establishing the Regional Lands imparts Entity guidelines for the preparation of the draft annual plan of activities, both approves the annual budget estimate that the financial statements.
Among the directives issued by the Region of Tuscany there is an indication that the Entity:

  • adheres to European projects and national networks on environmental sustainability of production processes in agriculture and agro-forestry,
  • predisposes suitable projects to develop initiatives in the field of research, testing and upgrading of products and activities, products and services related to the rural world, to be transferred to local businesses and Tuscany;
  • continue in applied research, experimentation in agriculture, protection and enhancement of agricultural production and of indigenous genetic resources of Tuscany;
  • ensure the most comprehensive use of land and buildings, in cooperation with private enterprise, for production purposes for agriculture and forestry, tourism, accommodation and conference attendees of interest for regional agriculture.

In keeping with the purposes of the AL. 80/2012 and with the directives of the Region of Tuscany, the Company Cesa Test Center of Cesa is one of the premises of both evidence of enrollment in the National Register of Variety for wheat, spelled dicoco, wheat durum, canola, sunflower, flax, sorghum, forage sorghum, corn, along with the Alberese Centre is part of the national network of variety comparison for durum wheat and common wheat.
In 2014 was assigned to the Terre Toscane by the Tuscany Region execution of the experimental activities of the European project LIFE + "Improved flux Prototypes for N20 emission reduction from Agriculture (IPNOA)" (11ENV / IT / 302), the nitrous oxide gas Greenhouse mainly related to nitrogen fertilization.


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LIFE Programme

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SEMENte parTEcipata

Project LIFE13 ENV/IT/001258

Models of plant breeding and agronomic techniques adapted to local climatic conditions.

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