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Marche Region

The Service of Environment and Agriculture of the Marche Region as specific duties and powers in the agri-environmental and food. Carries out information and communication for ordinary activities and institutional activities related to the projects in which it participates. As regards the Agriculture sector its priority function is that of programming the agri-food sector and through regional rules through the tools made available to programmers from Europe.
In the policy of protection of agro-ecosystems ensure the implementation of the Regional Law June 3, 2003 n. 12 "Protection of genetic resources of animals and plants of the Marche region." In collaboration with the ASSAM (Agency Services Agribusiness Sector of the Marches), provides in particular the conservation of agricultural biodiversity regional. Through various campaigns census in years past were found materials related to selections of local varieties made by farmers to meet the consumption needs of the agricultural markets or neighbors. The regional system has the aim to organize these materials to keep the modifications occurred by man, and make them available for future requests that can come from both the research by farmers themselves.
In the context of regional agriculture is also important to consider how the reality of organic production is extremely significant: it is one of the most developed in the national context and is an important economic reality.
The presence of the environmental sector in agriculture in the same regional service has allowed to start also to projects related to the agreements, agricultural and environmental for the protection of biodiversity that affect Natura 2000 sites within the regional community programming EAFRD 2007-2013.
The service has many years of experience in the management of European projects on biodiversity, enhancement of quality production and sustainable resource management. It's actively involved in information campaigns on the multifunctional role of agriculture and benefits in terms of quality and safety of food products (organic products, brand quality QM), and the protection of the territory.

The ASSAM (Agrifood Sector Services Agency of the Marche Region)
The ASSAM is an operational tool of the Service Environment and Agriculture of the Marche Region for the food industry. The Agency's primary function is to connect the productive sector with that of research. Are part of the Agency nine specialist centers with dedicated facilities distributed in the region, contributing to the achievement of studies and research in collaboration with the regional authorities, the universities and research centers.
It also provides services to the region on various issues of the agricultural sector. Specifically, the ASSAM provides technical assistance to farmers through the chemical and organoleptic analysis of various products, through the issue of agro-meteorological bulletins weekly, as well as with the process of certification of food products.
The ASSAM was also responsible for the dissemination of information and experimentation in the agricultural sector of the Marche Region. It provides for the creation of courses for the primary functional dissemination of new knowledge and retraining.
Of particular note also the management by the Agency of a center Tartuficoltura that is the only center for the Adriatic area with high technical knowledge and develops research activities in the field of truffles. Among the local offices of Assam are also two experimental farms and four forest nurseries.


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LIFE Programme

LIFE Programme

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SEMENte parTEcipata

Project LIFE13 ENV/IT/001258

Models of plant breeding and agronomic techniques adapted to local climatic conditions.

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